Smell Better in 5 Easy Steps


Okay, a little TMI. I’m a former stinky person. What can I say? puberty hit me like a ton of bricks. I know how embarrassing it can be. For some people, the problem can need more than a little bit of body spray. 

Doing research I’ve found out a lot of interesting things about stank. Unfortunately, a lot of it is actually genetic. Yes, some people are predisposed to having more natural fragrance then others.

Another common cause is what you eat. A binge of extra spicy garlic hummus very well could end up under your arms later on.

What I found most interesting though, is the reason why we generally smell bad, is because of germs. Bacteria is what actually causes fowl oder in sweat, not the sweat itself.

Once I figured all of this out, it was actually quite easy to take care of this problem. And the tips I’m about to give you are much more effective then the body spray that I used to use in middle school.


powder_spray_bottleThe most important habit to have is making sure that after your shower, you are extremely dry. Every last bit of you. Every fold, sag, and lump. Bacteria loves dark, warm, damp places like under your boob, groin, belly button, butt crack, and armpit. Remember what I said about germs being the actual cause of body odor? If you eliminate their habitat, they won’t have a way to flourish.

Consider opening a window or keeping the door cracked while showering as well. Condensation collecting in your bathroom will make it difficult to dry yourself completely after a shower.

Coats and shoes collect odor in the same way, so keep them dry too. When not wearing your shoes, apply a light amount of talc based power to absorb any moisture left inside. If your jacket or coat gets wet, drape over a kitchen chair to air dry. If your coat is consistently worn for long periods of time, its probably in your best interest to wash or dry clean it like you would with any other shirt you wear.

You are what you eat

One of the first things I noticed when cleaning up my diet was my over all smell. Thinking about it, it only makes sense. If you cut out highly acidic foods full of sulfur, you’ll simply smell less like it. Out of all of the tips I have, this one has made the most difference. Cutting out meat and dairy and replacing it with whole fruits and vegetables including starches has made my natural smell sweeter, lighter and in a lot of ways, almost non existent.

Layer Fragrance


Instead of piling on pounds of perfume, try layering light amounts of different types of fragrance. Body sprays are great at adding a light fresh scent right out of the shower. Whats nice about them as well is they usually will dissipate shortly after application.

If you want something a little more noticeable, then you can add a light amount of perfume or cologne on top of it. Scent rises, so its recommended to apply on the lower half of your body (you’ll be able to apply less too). Thisway you can enjoy smelling great without knocking out people around you.

Stop Sweatingopen-ff

There is nothing wrong with antiperspirants and most of them are actually pretty effective at keeping you dry throughout the day. BUT, if you are like me, you may be sensitive to these products. A great, more gentle alternative would be baking soda based deodorants. Baking soda does a great job keeping bacteria at bay, slowing down sweat and alkalizing the areas where you apply them. The fact that a lot of these formulas are in creme or powder form is a bonus since its much easier to apply them to other areas on your body besides your under arms.

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Take it all in stride

We are all human and body odor is just one of those things that will come up from time to time. If puberty taught me anything, it’s always to be humble and when in doubt, take a shower.