Smell Better in 5 Easy Steps


Okay, a little TMI. I’m a former stinky person. What can I say? puberty hit me like a ton of bricks. I know how embarrassing it can be. For some people, the problem can need more than a little bit of body spray. 

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A Better Breakfast for a Healthy Beautiful Life


healthy breakfast cereal


I promise you, breakfast is important. If you truly want to improve health, looks, and well being, it all starts here. And breakfast is actually pretty simple, it’s just that people tend to over complicate it.

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Your Skincare Routine is Aging You

stock photo of a smiling elderly woman

When you have no idea what to buy to begin with, what ends up happening is you end up purchasing skin care based on how fancy the name sounds, the shape of the bottle or how “beautifying” the formula claims to be. Cosmetic companies rely on the public’s ignorance for profit; it’s the cornerstone of their market. I’m not saying that all cosmetic companies are poisoning the public by any means, in fact, most brands do offer some great skin benefiting products. But there is a large chance that a good chunk of your products at this very moment are breaking good health guidelines for your skin. These could even be products you love. If you have skin care products rotating in your routine that break some of these rules I’m about to tell you, there is a high chance you are doing more harm than good and what’s the point in that?

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