Why people spend so much money to look exactly the same as each other is beyond me. To me, if I want something simple and basic, I would much rather save my money and later spend it on something unique and special.

I will get the obvious out of the way. Why, myself, a vegan, is targeting Canada Goose even though there are many brands like it is because of the company’s poor ethical standards. If you don’t know, I will get on my vegan high horse for just a second and enlighten. The coveted Canada Goose jacket that everyone has been drooling over for the last couple of years uses fur from wild caught dogs using primitive trapping techniques. These animals can be left to suffer and starve in traps for days at a time. While I don’t consider ANY form of animal based fabric ethical or necessary, I think we can all agree that this is a whole other level of disgusting.

If you are any kind of canine lover, I suggest not looking this up for yourself and just take my word for it.

Now off of my high horse and on to the list. These are just a few coats that will satisfy fashionistas and animal lovers alike.

1. Burberry Convertible Quilted Jacket

From $895 (Because I found out this coat contains duck feathers after my article published, I will not be providing a link to the said coat, but will keep the article as is)


-Please note, this coat contains feathers which means it is not cruelty free. I featured this coat in error but I still stand behind supporting companies that offer (even if not on purpose) cruelty free clothing options. I LOVE my Burberry “Wiltshire” trench coat. With a sweater underneath and a scarf, I look great and keep warm. The coat can be found by clicking here


If you are going to spend top dollar on a jacket, put your money toward a brand that matters. This jacket is both functional and fashionable. You can take it from a full hooded winter coat all the way down to a cozy collared vest.

Because of its simple, but immaculate design, you’ll be able to wear this for decades, not just the next few fall/winter seasons.





2. Stella McCartney Crop Quilted Puffer Jacket (contains wool)

From $743.98 (Limited Black; click photo for more details)


One thing is for sure, Stella McCartney knows how to dress women. This Puffer Jacket won’t substitute the full function of a sturdy winter coat but will be perfect for anyone that wants to turn heads while site seeing on a chilly day in the city.

A mix of vintage, classic, and modern androgyny, I guarantee you have nothing quite like this in your wardrobe and neither will countless other brands snobs dressing to fit in.





3. Wully Outerwear

From $519 (Click photo for more details)



This is my favorite suggestion on this list for many reasons. First of all, both the men’s and women’s coats are drool worthy in both craftsmanship and esthetic. The coat screams luxury and simply touching it you’ll see how well made each coat is.

This coolest thing about this small company is their unique “trade-up” program where they will actually buy back Canada Goose or any similar fur trimmed parka for up to $300 towards a vegan coat that they make. I commend any company that puts ethics ahead of profit and the fact that you’ll end up with a fantastic, trendy coat is just a bonus.
4. Topshop Winston Bomber Parka

From $130 (click photo for more details)


Personally, I am not the biggest fan of “fast fashion” for a few reasons, from questionable work standards to notorious craftsmanship (or lack there of). I do however understand (and admittedly participate) in the fact that sometimes you just need something cheap and now. That’s where this jacket from Topshop comes in.

Priced incredibly well and actually made seemingly with care, I think this would be a perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe that just needs something to spice things up.

Probably wouldn’t recommend for your winter holiday to the Alps, but if you want something chic and warm, I think Topshop is hard to beat.




5. The North Face ThermoBall PrimaLoft Hooded Parka

From $100 (Click photo for more details)


Talk about a jacket that is both fashion forward and functional. The slightly longer length gives a flattering silhouette to most body shapes and North Face’s patented PrimaLoft technology will give you the warmth of “600-fill-power down”. They are also one of the few brands on the market that offers fun colorful options for the winter season.

Seriously, this wouldn’t be a list of the worlds best coats if I didn’t bring up The North Face (one of my personal favorite brands).

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I hope this helps people understand that you don’t have to sacrifice ethics to look good. You can find harmony in image and morality.

Do any of you have/actively wear fur based clothing? Have you ever had negative comments because of what you are wearing?

Do any of you think there is a double standard with fur versus leather?

Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you! And of course, don’t forget to share this post as well as others on social media.